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Португалия вошла в Десятку лучших стран в мире для Пенсионнеров в 2015 году!

Португалия вошла в Десятку лучших стран в мире для Пенсионнеров в 2015 году!

Whether your dream is to retire abroad one day or the idea just offers a vicarious thrill, you’ll likely want to hear the winners in International Living’s just-released “World’s Best Retirement Destinations for 2015.”

Mixing the latest data on everything from weather to retiree discounts with reports from its network of far-flung correspondents, International Living (a media company specializing in retirement abroad) ranked 25 countries for its annual Global Retirement Index. This year’s winner Ecuador nudged out the 2014 champ, Panama.

The rest of the International Living Top 10 retirement havens are a fairly even mix of countries in Central America (three), Europe (three; none on the continent), Asia (two) and South America (two). All are locales where you can “live comfortably, make friends, stay busy, give back,” writes International Living Jennifer Stevens in her editor’s letter about the rankings.

Portugal’s mild climate, its low cost of living and its largely First-World infrastructure make it an increasingly popular European option. English is widely understood, especially in the large cities and — combined with the warm Portuguese hospitality — makes it easy to settle in and feel at home, whether you prefer sophisticated urban environments like Lisbon or one of Portugal’s many beach communities.

Romance, culture and adventure awaits in Portugal!



1- Equador
2- Panama
3- Mexico
4- Malaysia
5- Costa Rica
6- Malta
7- Spain
8- Colombia
10- Thaiand

Source: Forbes


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